Learn about fundamentals and technicals


Learn about the macroeconomic indicators which illustrate how healthy an economy is.

Note: Figures can be found on the FX Street Economic Calendar.


Demand Side Policies

Learn about how the government can influence these macroeconomic indicators in the short-run through demand-side policies shifting the AD curve.

Supply Side Policies

Learn about long-run supply-side policies and the impact on macroeconomic indicators.

Exchange Rates

learn about the types of exchange rates and how the supply and demand curves influence the price.


Learn about the impact of tariffs on the economy.


Learn about the positives and negatives of nationalisation ahead of the UK general election.


Bonds and Yield Curves

Understand the relationship between bond prices and yields (interest rates), and learn about how government policies influence the supply and demand for bonds.

Technical Trading vs Fundamental Trading

Learn about the types of patterns technical investors look for and how fundamental investors determine value.

Technical Red Flags

Learn about head and shoulders patterns and wedges; indicating to technical traders a price reversal.

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